Friday, May 22, 2009

Construction is almost done

It's been awhile since my first post. A lot has happened and we have been very busy indeed. Most of the 3rd and final phase of the beaver boardwalk has been completed. About 100 m of decking on the connector south of Maxwell Lake remains to be fastened down. Add curbing and the bulk of the construction will be done, hopefully by the end of this weekend. Special thanks to
Rocky Morin who once again took care of the lion's share of the construction.

Celebration! But the work isn't all done yet. I underestimated how much the water level dropped in Maxwell Lake last winter when the beaver dam broke. Now the new goose nesting platform is underwater. Good thing the geese decided to nest elsewhere this year. Do you think they may have known something? Raising that will have to wait for the winter.

And we're down to about 3" of freeboard on the new wharf. So this weekend we're going to unscrew the decking and add another layer of stringers to raise the wharf about 7". That should keep the wharf higher than the lake will likely rise.

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