Sunday, October 4, 2009

Happy Creek Trail

The Beaver Boardwalk is located where Happy Creek and Maxwell Lake come together. The Happy Creek Trail was built by West Fraser about 15 years ago. It starts on either side of Happy Creek off the gravel Town of Hinton Trail near the Pond Tower, loops upstream over 3 km along a series of beaver ponds, crosses the creek on a footbridge, and returns downstream. The Happy Creek Trail is well used by walkers, runners, and mountain bikers.

Working with West Fraser, the Hinton Mountain Bike Association helps to maintain the trail and signs. For single-track bike enthusiasts it's a challenging trail. I'm told only a few local expert bikers are able to ride the entire trail without getting off their bike. Personally I love to run it. There are lots of ups and downs, roots to trip over (which keeps me on my toes - most of the time), and a micro-wilderness experience on the outskirts of Hinton. Combine that with at least 3 active beaver colonies and the dams and ponds they maintain and you can't beat it.

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