Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Grand opening September 15

Book your calendars for Tuesday September 15 and join us to celebrate the completion of the Beaver Boardwalk! Plans are still being developed, but here's what we have so far. The first 3 activities will be at the Reimer Drive boardwalk access at the east end of Maxwell Lake, starting in late afternoon.

Colouring contest winners
Official ribbon cutting
Beavers - slideshow at the Hinton Library
Dusk viewing of beaver feeding at Maxwell Lake

This is a community event that is open to all. Watch for further details coming over the next few months.

4 new signs coming soon

Work has begun on 4 new interpretive signs for the Beaver Boardwalk. Two of the signs will incorporate art from the children's art contest that recently concluded. The 1st will feature flowers of the boardwalk and the 2nd will look at larger mammals - the coyote and the white-tailed deer.

The other 2 signs will highlight waterfowl and owls of the area.

Speaking of owls, recent sightings of barred owl and great gray owl have excited birders. Other owl species recorded in the area are saw-whet owl, boreal owl, and northern pygmyowl. These last 3 species are very small and nest in old woodpecker cavities. We don't yet have a confirmed record for great horned owl, but it's likely this large owl frequents the area as well.