Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lots of beavers

Maxwell Lake is almost completely ice-free and the beavers are enjoying their freedom after a long winter cooped up in the lodge. Both adults and a long yearling (almost 2 years old) were in the main lake this evening, and 4 short yearlings (approaching their first birthday) were near the lodge. Three  young girls followed one of the adults down the channel toward the lake and they were thrilled when it swam under the bridge at their feet. The picture with this post is that animal after it climbed out for a look just above the bridge. It's just diving back into the water.

At the lodge the youngsters were clipping and noisily munching on green shoots from the sedge clumps at the edge of the pond. Three of them were engaged in this activity right below the pond tower. The light was too poor for good photos. I got lots of blurry shots that could be called abstract or artistic if one was in a charitable mood. I deleted them. The light was good enough for video though and I got a couple of short videos that were pretty good.

This evening also marks the arrival of the first singing male red-winged blackbird of the season, and I heard 2 wood frogs calling from 2 separate locations. With a few more warm evenings the frog chorus should start to build quickly.

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