Friday, April 9, 2010

Return of the geese

OK, the photo doesn't show geese, but read on... Last night the mercury dropped to -9 and today was raw, windy, and cold. Much of the beaver pond and about half of Maxwell Lake had been open water but now a thin clear sheen of new ice covers all but the middle of the lake. Spring is still pushing ahead. At dusk a single honk heralded the arrival of a Canada goose pair, who glided in and landed on the ice near the lake tower. I 'm sure they will check out the waterfowl platform. There's been a crow checking it out plenty lately - the black bandit shown in the photo. I think it's been having a feast on the grass seed I spread a few weeks ago. Or at least that's what it seemed to be eating. I hope it doesn't get all of the future greenery.

At the west end of the lake two beavers were having supper along the shoreline. They have been back in the lake and actively cutting fresh willow shoots for almost a week now. Pussywillows seem to be a favourite.

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