Sunday, October 4, 2009

Grand Opening Summary

On a warm September 15, 2009 we celebrated completion of the Beaver Boardwalk after 3 years of dedicated effort by a lot of folks. The kick-off was at the Reimer Drive trailhead where the partners congratulated all who contributed funds, time, and support to make the project a reality. We also announced the winners of the children's colouring contest (more about that in another post) and Beth MacCallum and I led a walking tour of the new sections.

After the tour I gave a talk on beavers at the Hinton Library attended by about 50 people. Then the day was topped off by several dozen people watching the beavers munching on fresh aspen at Maxwell Lake. At one point I counted 42 people there, and all the while up to 6 beavers were tucking into supper. The photo shows the watchers - the beavers are over the bank in the centre right.

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