Sunday, March 14, 2010

Waterfowl Platform Raised

Last year I misjudged the high water mark on Maxwell Lake, and the waterfowl platform we put in at the east end of the lake became the submarine platform instead. Recently I added another 2x8 frame and filled it with soil. I also put a smaller box on top with wood chips and sedges in the hope that a Canada goose pair will nest there this spring. And finally I seeded grass and spread fertilizer to get some green going.

It was pretty windy, so the photo looks a little messy from all the windblown dirt. That will fall to the lake bottom when the ice melts and the platform will look even better when the grass sprouts.

While I was there a troupe of chickadees was calling over by the lake tower, and several birds were noisily calling the "fee-bee" song that's always an early sign of spring. Pussywillows are out too at the end of the lake. All we need is an extended period of warm days and winter's grip will be broken.

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